Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers

  •  Will you personally show our home?  We will show your home to any perspective Buyer that has called in to view your home and not working with an agent.  For agent showings, we will place a SUPRA key box on the property for their ability to access your home.  All showing requests will be handled and set up through the Mike Farrar Team office.
  • ​How often will you communicate with us?  We will be contacting you by email, on a weekly basis with update information on your neighborhood and surrounding market to keep you updated.  We will also be calling you for all showings on your home.
  • ​How will we get feedback on any showings?  We use an email feedback format to send you feedback directly from the agent that showed your home.  You get that as soon as the form has been completed by the showing agent.
  • How do you follow up with agents?  We send an email feedback request form to be completed by the showing agent.  If there is a lot of positive feedback, we will contact that agent to see about a possible second showing.
  • Will agents be on time to show my home?  Most agents when scheduling an appointment. will allow for an one hour time window to arrive at your home.  Some showings will take only a few minutes, while others may last 30-45 minutes.  We want to inform you that some agents may schedule an appointment. and be late, early or not show up, so please don’t be alarmed.
  • What happens when we get a showing on the home?  It is important to have all the lights, recessed and lamps on, in all rooms, closets, bathrooms and lower level area, even if it is a sunny bright day.  Also if you have a sound system, please have light music in the background coming from any and all ceiling speakers.  Try to leave the home 15 minutes prior to the initial time frame given and arrive home 15 minutes after the last time frame given.  This should allow plenty of time if the agent is running off schedule.
  • What happens when we get a contract on our home?  We will present the offer and any information we can to you as soon as we are able.  We will review the current marketplace for your neighborhood and price range.  We will help make recommendations based on the current marketplace and if necessary, help put together a counteroffer to the Buyers and their agent.  If we feel the need, we will add comparable sales for your neighborhood to help give insight to the Buyers and their agent for review.  Keep in mind, it is not unusual for the Buyers to play hardball with the amount of inventory.  Also, verbal offers don’t really mean a whole lot…all offers must be written and signed by both the Buyers and Sellers for it to be legal and binding.
  • What happens after we negotiate and receive an accepted contract?  There are time frames within the contract for loan application, inspections, etc…Our office will be updating you weekly on these time frames to make sure you are made aware of actual dates, etc…
  • ​What happens during the inspection time frame?  For contracts written on the standard GLAR contract, the Buyers will have 3 options; the right to terminate the contract after inspections but during the inspection time as stated in the contract, request repairs or accept the house in “as is” condition.
  • ​Do you mean the Buyers can terminate the contract during inspections, even if nothing is wrong?  YES.  Unfortunately, that is how the contracts are written.
  • ​What happens if the house does not appraise?  We do our best to provide comparables to the appraiser before they visit your home.  The appraiser does not have to use what we provide.  We do follow up with the appraiser after the appraiser visits the property to see how things went, sometimes they will call us back and sometimes they won’t to let us know if they saw any problems.  If for some reason the house does not appraise, the Buyers have the right to terminate the contract or try to renegotiate the sales price.
  • When do we close?  The closing date or time frame for closing is determined in the contract negotiated with the Buyers.  Of course, this is all subject to the lender being able to meet those deadlines and the closing agent being able to schedule and complete title.
  • ​Do we need to transfer utilities?  YES.  Once we have a specific closing date, not a bad idea to contact the local utility companies, gas, electric, cable, dish, phone, etc…and have them transferred to the Buyers name as of the closing date.
  • ​How long will closing take?  Normally 45 minutes to an hour.  It is not unusual to have the lender needing to approve something last minute, or the wire for funding is delayed and the closing takes longer.  We try to do the best we can, but sometimes get held up by last minute changes.

Congratulations and Thank you for placing your trust with the Mike Farrar Team to sell your home!!

It’s important to us, if you would please recommend our team to your friends, family and work associates. There is no home too large or too small for us to give it our 110%!!

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